Thomaston, GA


Piper Cheyenne or King Air 90 0-SMOH Hartzell 3-blade propeller with deice boots. FAA/EASA Release Included. Prop removed from Cheyenne II, but will build up with King Air Bulkhead by request. Price is for one prop, outright. No core due. Overhaul will be completed at time of purchase so that all seals are fresh.

Seller Name: Jeremy Rabuck

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Flabob Airport, Ca

Franklin Helicopter Core engine, has carb, Alternater, complete engine less Magnetos And logs, all proceeds help Flabob build a plane thanks for looki...


Flabob Airport, Ca

Great project start ready to go!



HS Propeller removed from a DC-3 for turboprop conversion. Complete with Hub/Spinner, not damaged, no rust.